InmodeIt was bound to happen. With all of the non-surgical technologies on the market, High Tech Laser have created one that is capable of performing not just one but 5 high quality treatments in one amazing device.

The Inmode platform device gives a clinic or practitioner the flexibility to choose between 5 treatments based on what the patient’s needs are. It’s like a complete non-surgical practice in one device! These treatments are:

  • Fractora Fractional RF (radio frequency) – treats photo damage and improves skin texture and elasticity
  • Forma and Plus RF Skin Tightening – stimulates the formation of collagen, improving elasticity, proven to give long lasting results
  • Lumecca IPL Skin Rejuvenation -Intense Pulse Light photo-rejuvenation device used to treat a targeted range of skin conditions and imperfections.
  • Body FX RF Fat Reduction – used to treat fatty tissue areas such as cellulite. Can also be used to reduce and shape the patient’s body.
  • Diolaze Laser Hair Removal – providing power, pulsing and high speed, Diolaze can treat even the the most stubborn hair in less time and with less pain than other systems.

Because this latest advance in technology can address skin rejuvenation, tightening, hair removal, body contouring and pigmentation concerns, it means that patients gain access to a broader selection of high-quality treatments without the clinic needing to invest in all the different devices on the market; Inmode is a really revolutionary device.

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