Lipogems is the term used to describe the method of processing and purifying your own body fat for use as an injectable filler. Mostly used to volumise an area where tissue loss has occurred, when injected it has powerful rejuvenation and anti ageing preventative effects.

Another advantage of the Lipogems process is that it does not require the addition of any chemicals to your own harvested fat substances prior to reinjection, therefore greatly reducing the risk of a reaction. Lipogems offers an excellent alternative to conventional fillers.

The fat that is processed from your body using the Lipogems procedure is your adipose tissue which is rich in MSC’s, cytokines, growth factors and your stem cells. When re-injected it can restore visual volume, tone and texture.

It is particularly suited for facial rejuvenation as it is injected into your tissue that is rich in vessels. The areas especially suited to Lipogems rejuvenation include the mid face area, the tear troughs (under the eyes that can become “hollow” looking), the nasolabial folds, the lips and around the mouth (excellent for “smokers lines”). Traditionally a difficult area to treat, the backs of hands can also benefit greatly from this procedure.

The time frame between fat extraction and reinjection in the Lipogems procedure allows this treatment to be performed in a single appointment. The Lipogems device is fully disposable with no reusable components to the system, which also ensures sterility of the procedure.

The fat harvested from your body is collected using a very small liposuction system. Prior to the procedure a formulation consisting of saline, local anaesthetic and adrenaline is injected into the areas where the fat is extracted to limit any discomfort, bleeding or swelling. This technique also assists to separate the skin from the fat and limits any damage to the tissue during the liposuction process.

The Lipogems technique involves the use of cannulae that are much smaller than the ones used in conventional liposuction. The volume of fat taken from the body, such as an area like the hip, varies on the volume of Lipogem fluid that will be required for the area being treated. For a typical facial rejuvenation, this is generally between 50 to 80 ml.

In conjunction with a saline solution, Lipogems uses a mechanical system to wash away impurities from the harvested fat. This concentrates the MSC’s, Cytokines and growth factors that comprise of healthy fat cells.

A major advantage of the Lipogem process is the fluids contains only natural material that comes from your body, with no chemicals or enzymes added to the fat during processing.

The Lipogems device then breaks up the fat into small clusters of cells that range in size from 0.5 to 0.9mm in size.. These clusters are small enough to inject with ease and have increased potency compared to larger cell clusters. These cells aid tissue recovery and rejuvenation.

Fat processed with the Lipogems system has a better than average graft survival, and has been proven to improve the quality of surrounding tissue as well as the general appearance of the overlying skin.

Q. How long does the Lipogems procedure take?

A. The liposuction and re-injection process is completed during a single session of approximately 90 minutes.

Q. Is the procedure painful?

A. The Lipogems procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia, resulting in minimal discomfort.

Q. Is there any swelling after the Lipogems procedure?

A. All forms of liposuction will result in some bruising and swelling as the fat is extracted, but this is generally minimal as the volume removed is generally very small. With no need for any stitches during the procedure, the site where the fat is removed should fully recover within a few weeks.

Q. Is there any downtime?

A. Unlike many other fat transfer procedures, the fat that is processed with Lipogems flows easily and does not cause significant discomfort during or after injecting. Pain or tenderness in the extraction area can be expected for a few days, as well as some minor bruising. Bruising in the re-injection sites is less common.

Q. What sort of results can I expect?

A. Lipogems offers volume enhancement to areas like the mid-face and under the eyes, while also offering visually improved tone, elasticity and vitality to the overlying skin.

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