Sweating - Hyperhidrosis

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that helps the body cool off. It is estimated that approximately 2-3% of the population suffers from excessive underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis. In most cases, excessive underarm sweating occurs in people who are otherwise healthy. It can be due to the heat and even emotions are known to trigger hyperhidrosis in some. Heredity, medications like aspirin and acetaminophen (NSAIDs), hyperthyroidism, neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, infections like Tuberculosis, AIDS, pneumonia, cancer of the lymph nodes and blood cancer can also lead to excessive underarm sweating.

There are a number of different over-the-counter or prescription lotions, roll-ons, special sprays, and antiperspirants available that can help address mild cases of underarm sweating but these can be ineffective to combat more severe cases. Another approved treatment for excessive underarm sweating are Botox injections that temporarily stop the nerves from triggering excessive sweating. However, while effective, this is a temporary solution and can get expensive when you consider treatment must be repeated every few months.

There is now a more permanent solution that stops sweating altogether. Check out the treatments below.

Stop Sweating It! Do you sweat too much? January 17, 2018 - Summer has arrived. The hot weather is here and most of us are remembering what it’s like to go through an Australian summer where sweating is a part of everyday life. Spare a thought for those who sweat more than the average person! The awesome news is that there is a treatment to help combat sweating, in fact, it can even take it away altogether… you need never sweat again! Sounds too good to be true! But it is… ENRICH Dermatology and Cosmetic Clinic in Armadale VIC are getting some amazing results with Miradry, a treatment specifically designed to greatly reduce, or in some cases, stop you sweating. We asked DR Michael Rich from ENRICH why this treatment is so effective and who it suitable for. Hyperhidrosis To start with, the medical term for someone who sweats excessively is hyperhidrosis. It can be a huge problem with sufferers, causing embarrassment, frustration (imagine having to change your shirt every few hours), smelling and social anxiety (imagine having to explain a dripping face to a first date over a candlelit dinner?). Dr Rich from ENRICH agrees. “It can be an embarrassing problem, impacting self-esteem, clothing choices and social activities. Regular deodorant doesn’t […]
No Sweat – MiraDry, the treatment everybody’s talking about… April 25, 2017 - Sweat. Pretty much all of us do it, some more than others. It can be an embarrassing thing to deal with… smelly, and just annoying. However, there is a treatment taking the market by storm that is appearing in clinics all over the country. And it’s not just for patients who have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Those of us who just don’t want to sweat it out any more are taking advantage of this awesome new treatment that takes the sweat away in just one sitting, permanently. Celebs and those in the know have been taking advantage of the benefits of one of the side effects of Botox for years. Yep, you heard me right. If you weren’t already aware… Botox stops you from sweating in the areas where you have the injections (not permanently though, mind you). But not all of us want Botox. MiraDry by Device Consulting is a revolutionary treatment that offers all the benefits of a ‘walk in – walk out’ non- surgical approach and has one purpose only. To target your sweat glands and stop you from sweating! We spoke to Shannon, a real life patient of the miraDry treatment, whose life has definitely improved since […]
Device Consulting In Who Do We Trust – Device Consulting March 22, 2017 - We have previously talked about companies who are helping to change the face of the aesthetics industry with their devices designed to help you look your best. The company I want to bring to your attention today is a company who is quietly changing the lives of thousands of Australians and patients all over the world with their treatments for everyday issues such as acne and excessive sweating. Device Consulting are behind the revolutionary MiraDry and TheraClear, as well as Viveve. What does the Device Consulting range of devices do? Solution to Sweating Miradry might be the one we have paid more attention to on the Hub. This is because it’s the best treatment on the market today to stop sweating. Whilst you might not think this relates to you, it is life changing for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. It not only stops sweating altogether, but the odour often associated with it, and that’s worth it’s weight in gold for those who used to break out in a sweat when everyone else seems to be cool as cucumbers. MiraDry is also an extremely popular treatment for women and men who just don’t want to sweat any […]
Excessive sweating treatment - miraDry Confidently Dry Underarms With miraDry February 15, 2017 - Sweating. We all do it. Many people suffer from excessive underarm sweating, even at a younger age and in cooler temperatures. Sweating can cause discomfort, bring about lack of self-confidence, and embarrassment due to the unwanted body odour. Whilst there are products such as antiperspirant and deodorants available on the market, these products can only do so much and the result is temporary. Forgetting to put on antiperspirant or deodorant can lead to a social disaster! There are more than a few of us who would be happy to never sweat another day again! Believe it or not… there is a way! miraDry – the solution to excessive underarm sweating, or sweating full stop! How does miraDry work? miraDry is a non-invasive procedure using microwave energy to effectively and safely target the hyper sweat glands. During the procedure, the this energy creates a focal heat zone in the underlying levels of the skin where sweat glands reside, resulting with the permanent removal of the hyper and odour-producing sweat glands. The cooling mechanism of this device protects the surrounding tissues from being harmed or damaged. As the sweat glands don’t regenerate after being destroyed, the result is a permanent reduction in […]
miraDry Excessive Sweating? No Problem! This one off treatment could answer your dreams… August 11, 2016 - My friends and I headed to the Form & Function Clinic in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago for a couple of treatments and we were excited to speak to their team about a revolutionary new treatment for excessive sweating called miraDry. One of my friends underwent the treatment and she was very obliging to answer some of my questions. PSH: What motivated/prompted you to have the miraDry treatment? I was recommended the treatment by my mother after years of considering botox injections for excessive sweating. I have spent years doubling my deodorant, layering a roll on and a spray in men’s versions to try weaken the wetness in my armpits. PSH: Can you tell us what was involved in your experience and give us a bit of a step by step of your part in the process? I was contacted prior to the treatment both via post and on the phone to help prepare me for what to expect and what I needed to do prior to the treatment. I was advised to not wear deodorant for 24 hours prior to treatment and to shave around 4 days prior also. Wear comfy loose clothes as you will want to […]

Sweating – Hyperhidrosis Treatments


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