We all know having kids can really mess with our bodies. One of the most affected, yet least spoken about issue, is that of our vagina being stretched to the max and therefore creating a feeling of looseness and decreased feeling of sensation and sexual satisfaction during intercourse. In a survey of over four hundred women, nearly half reported some level of vaginal looseness, or what is known as vaginal laxity.

Viveve is a non-surgical, in-office treatment option that can increase feelings of vaginal tightness and improve sexual satisfaction. Just like your skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibres, and with the Viveve treatment they can be tightened.

Viveve is:

  • Usually performed in the comfort of your physician’s office
  • Typically takes less than 30 minutes
  • Well-tolerated and doesn’t require anaesthesia
  • Little to no downtime – you can go back to your normal activities following the procedure

In a sexual satisfaction survey of women who had undergone the Viveve treatment after experiencing vaginal deliveries 67% of the women reported an increase in vaginal tightness at 30 days, and 87% at 6 months after the treatment.

While it may be a difficult subject to bring up, your sexual satisfaction is an important part of your overall sexual health, and is worthy of a dialogue. If you’re concerned about vaginal laxity, it’s time to start the conversation with your doctor and find out if the Viveve procedure is right for you.

If you’re looking for a Viveve practitioner in Australia click here.

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At the beginning of the Geneveve by Viveve procedure, your doctor will insert a treatment tip about the size of your thumb right behind the vaginal opening. The tip is circumferentially moved around the opening, delivering pulsed heat to the collagen fibres that make up the underlying tissues while also cooling the surface.

Vaginal tissue reacts to the heat by reproducing new collagen fibres within the tissue. The process takes place over time, usually between 30-90 days after the treatment, and perhaps longer. These changes occur on the cellular level, so there are no outward signs of change to the vaginal tissue.

Everything you wanted to know about Viveve Everything You Wanted to Know About Viveve But Were Afraid to Ask December 14, 2020 - Who doesn’t want to improve their intimate life? Just as the rest of the female body, the vagina ages – and this unfortunately can lead to many problems for women. Vagina dryness, urinary incontinence, pain during intercourse and vaginal laxity, are just some of the symptoms. The Viveve treatment is a patented, monopolar radiofrequency technology that renews the tissue just inside the vaginal opening. A Viveve treatment can significantly improve your intimate life by improving these conditions in just a single treatment. Viveve – A Single, Comfortable, In-House Session The good news is the Viveve treatment is a single-session, in-office treatment that does not require local or topical numbing medication. The Viveve System uses cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to deliver heat to the vaginal walls to strengthen and tighten the tissues. The system delivers short, alternating pulses of cooling to protect the delicate surface of the patient, this allows for a deeper heating of the lax tissue beneath. The cooling technology also activates the natural formation of younger, more supportive collagen. Gradually over 3-6 months, the collagen revitalizes the vaginal area. Overall, the system improves vaginal laxity, increases lubrication, reduces painful intercourse, reduces bladder leakage, and increases sensitivity for improved […]
Dr Fariba explains Viveve Dr Fariba explains Viveve October 28, 2020 - Trish Good morning listeners. It’s Trish Hammond here again from Transforming Bodies. And today we’ve got something a little bit different for you. So we’ve got Dr. Fariba Behnia-Willison. Now Dr. Fariba is a fully accredited gynaecologist and although she’s an advanced laparoscopic and pelvic floor reconstructive surgeon, she’s an active advocate for non surgical management of pelvic floor disorders. Now Dr. Fariba is also the founder of FBW gynaecology plus in South Australia, and she’s also the founder of the Desert Flower Foundation, which is a charity for women who are the victims of female genital mutilation. So I’m really excited to be speaking with her today. So welcome Dr. Fariba. Dr. Fariba Thank you. Good morning. And thank you for having me. Trish Oh, it’s an absolute pleasure. Now. We’re going to talk today about the Viveve treatment now and I hear that you’re one of the first places to offer the Viveve. Yes, tell us a little bit about it. Sure. Dr. Fariba Sure, Trish as a gynaecologist, my practice is focused on a holistic approach to women’s health and wellness. Although I have extensive experience in vaginal surgery and laparoscopy, I have realised that healthy tissue […]
treating incontinence Comedian Bev Killick Talks Incontinence June 12, 2020 - We caught up with Comedian Bev Killick, to have a conversation about treating incontinence. Incontinence affects up to 13% of Australian men and up to 37% of Australian women (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, 2006) but these numbers are suggested to be higher – not everyone admits to the issue or seeks help. Bev is helping to shine a light on this common problem and also talks about the things we can do to treat incontinence. Bev talks honestly about her own journey with the wonderful, raw humour for which she is known. She talks about how pelvic floor exercises are important (and how to actually do them!) and about non-surgical laser devices such as Viveve that are helping women recover control. Viveve is an easy, one-off treatment that can help with incontinence, vaginal ageing and all the issues that come with that such as dryness, looseness and more. To learn more about this treatment check out the blogs below. You can also learn more about Viveve or arrange a treatment through the Millenium Wellness Centre. To learn more about Bev visit website       PSH TeamThe PSH Team is made up of a passionate group […]
Viveve at Millennium Wellness My Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation experience February 24, 2020 - My name is Jennifer and I was lucky enough to trial a new procedure called Viveve Vaginal rejuvenation. When I arrived at the Millennium Wellness Centre in Sydney, the first thing that struck me was the majestic old building on Macquarie Street, it was beautiful. I am a mature woman and as a mature woman every part of us ages including the vagina, I was hoping for a general rejuvenation and lubrication however this procedure is for women of all ages, whether it’s after childbirth for laxity, sensitivity, bladder problems, it covers it all. The beauty of this treatment is you only need one, With the others I researched beforehand, it said you need at least three. It uses a laser and cryogenic treatment and is completely painless, it takes about 45 minutes. The women that work there are absolutely wonderful, they make you feel so comfortable, Not once did I feel uncomfortable, It will take a few months for the full results but I should feel something happening in two weeks, Its only two days ago that I had the treatment. Prior to the consultation with Dr Jennifer I had had thorough blood work done, and I mean thorough, […]
Millennium Wellness Centre Millenium Wellness Centre – Looking After Your Wellness November 26, 2019 - Wellness is described by the World Health Organisation as “… a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The term wellness is also often associated with women’s health. In particular, women’s intimate health is also enjoying a more open discussion and women now have so many more options when it comes to looking after themselves. Millennium Wellness Centre is one such clinic offering their clients a philosophy of “live life better” and helps women to have a sense of wellness in areas where they might previously have neglected or just been unaware there are solutions and treatments for a huge range of intimate issues. The founder of Millennium Wellness Centre in Sydney is the dynamic Melanie Parsons. Melanie built up her business based on providing hormone replacement therapy for both men and women and was instrumental in several studies relating to the subject. Melanie says, “I’ve seen first hand the huge benefits that hormone therapy can bring both men and women.” Melanie also gained a huge amount of experience in all aspects of women’s wellness after living in the US for over 14 years. Melanie brought her business back to Sydney, […]
Vaginal Health Vaginal Health with Melanie at Millenium Wellness Centre in Sydney November 19, 2019 - We caught up with Melanie from Millenium Wellness to have a chat about women’s vaginal health. Millenium Wellness is a women’s and men’s health care centre in Sydney offering Viveve – the latest jn-office treatment providing vaginal tissue rejuvenation to help with laxity, incontinence, dryness and sexual comfort without the risks associated with surgical treatments and with minimal downtime. Viveve provides tissue rejuvenation and offers a range of physical benefits. Phone Millenium Wellness Centre on  for a free phone consultation to see if this treatment might be right for you, and listen to the podcast to learn more. PSH TeamThe PSH Team is made up of a passionate group of people all interested in beauty, aesthetics and being the best person you can be. We all contribute in different ways to bring you the blogs, patient stories, podcasts and information to our readers and love connecting with others on their journeys.
treating incontinence What is Viveve? How your vagina changes as you age… July 25, 2019 - As women age, so do their more intimate areas. Viveve is a non-surgical, quick and painless treatment to help treat vaginal laxity and incontinence. Viveve works at a cellular level to restore collagen and help tighten the vagina and can have both functional and aesthetic benefits. Melanie Parsons from Millenium Wellness Centre in Sydney helps us understand What is Viveve and how it is helping with women’s wellness. How your vagina changes as you age When women talk about their vagina, quite often they don’t realise they’re talking about their vulva. The vulva is the outside area while your vagina which is actually the canal inside. The vulva includes the lips, clitoris, labia majora and the labia minora. As we age, both the vulva and vaginal tissues lose their fullness and therefore tightness, leading to a range of issues. There is a name for what women’s intimate areas go through as we age, especially as we near menopause. It’s called Vulvovaginal Atrophy (or VVA), and refers to the gradual loss of estrogen. It’s interesting to note that estrogen is our sex hormone so it directly relates to the deteriorisation in both the appearance and the function of the vagina. Symptoms […]
Women's intimate health Women’s Intimate Health with Viveve May 15, 2019 - We chatted to Melanie from Millenium Wellness Centre in Sydney who offer solutions to Women’s intimate health. The Viveve is a device treating many symptoms from incontinence to sexual satisfaction. Melanie is one of Australia’s leading practitioners in this breakthrough treatment and she helps us to understand how it works and why every woman should be aware there are solutions for many of the issues we think we might just have to live with. This is a must-listen for EVERY woman! TrishTrish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.
Viveve Vaginal Laxity – the Solution November 23, 2016 - The enjoyment of a healthy sex life is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The experience of true intimacy is something that should be enjoyed to the fullest, for both men and women. But what if a woman has physical issues that affect her pleasure while being intimate with a man? This can be for many reasons, though the most common reason is vaginal laxity as a result of a natural, vaginal birth. The good news is, this topic is no longer taboo and the even better news is – there is now a clinically proven and safe treatment that really works. Treat vaginal laxity in just one treatment! This exciting new treatment now available for women is Geneveve by Viveve – a clinically proven, single-session treatment that is both safe and comfortable. A ground-breaking new treatment that naturally revitalises and rebuilds vaginal tissue, Geneveve by Viveve is an effective solution to restore sensation and improve sexual satisfaction – and it works! While there are many other treatments that claim to work, they are often unproven. Another option involves radical surgery that is now unnecessary, given that the Geneveve by Viveve treatment is now available. So how do you know if […]
Viveve Viveve for sexual sensation – Dr Bruce Allan, Gynaecologist July 12, 2016 - Trish: I’m here today with Dr Bruce Allan, who’s a gynaecologist from Canada. We are going to have a talk about this fantastic new treatment that’s just come out to the market and we’re talking about the device that’s used to perform that treatment. Thank you so much for taking the time today. Dr. Bruce: My pleasure. Trish: Tell us about the Viveve. What is that? I’m really excited by this product, so tell us a little bit about it? Dr. Bruce: Viveve is really revolutionary. It was developed to address the issue of vaginal laxity in women. Vaginal laxity is a significant; it’s a huge issue actually; for women who had children, vaginal deliveries or even sometimes, part of the ageing process. The collagen in the vagina’s loss, the vaginal tissues to be stretched through childbirth. When we do surveys, we find that over 50% of women identify vaginal laxity as a significant issue. However they’re reticent to discuss it with their physicians because this is a very intimate subject, and women often feel they don’t have permission to discuss it with their physicians, the physicians often don’t raise the issue. People don’t realise how big an issue it […]

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Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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