How to get my boobs fixed whilst on a pension

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AvatarAnonymous asked 8 years ago

I am a single mum of three on a pension. How do I ever afford to have my boobs fixed? ? One is bigger than the other and have had extensive drooping after having mastitis with each of my pregnancies plus enlarged ducts die to the constipation which have left my breasts lumpy . I need to have my breasts fixed but truly would like to find a place that will cover me on medicare due to it being a medical non cosmetic reason for surgery or are there places that will let you pay it off weekly ??

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Dr Damian MarucciDr Damian Marucci Contributor answered 8 years ago

I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve ben having with your breasts. Breast asymmetry and ptosis (sagging) are very common after breast feeding and tend to get worse with time. It is generally not possible to perform breast lift or breast reduction surgery in the public hospital system under medicare. You should contact your nearest plastic surgeon who has admitting rights to public hospital to confirm whether that hospital performs that type of surgery.
Private health insurance may assist with paying the costs of these types of surgery, but it does depend on which fund you are with, your level of cover and whether they have deemed the surgery “medically necessary”. Medicare will partially cover the cost of a breast lift procedure, if it performed more than 1 year and less than 7 years from your last pregnancy, even if the surgery if performed in a private hospital. Medicare will also partially cover the cost of a breast reduction. The rest of the costs (hospital costs, surgeon and anaesthetist out of pocket costs) would need to be paid by you.
Some patients join a health fund then wait until their waiting time is over, and then have the surgery done in the private sphere.

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