Trish: Hey, podcasters. Well, I’m here today again with Dr. Eddie Roos. He is from the Cosmetic Elegance Clinic in Toowoomba and we’re going to have a chat about a new treatment that’s … it’s not a new treatment. It’s the old treatment on steroids. It’s kind of been rejigged a bit and it’s called the miraDry treatment. But what it’s actually good for, it’s good for profuse sweating and stuff like that. Anyway, I’ll let him tell you about it. Welcome, Dr. Roos.

Dr. Eddie Roos: Thanks, Trish.

Trish: Tell us about the miraDry. What’s it good for, and how does it work?

Dr. Eddie Roos: miraDry is a treatment that will permanently reduce sweat, odour, and it will also reduce some of the hair that’s growing in the area that’s treated as well. It’s really good for people with hyperhidrosis, that’s excessive underarm sweating, or for people who have a problem with body odour or odour in the underarm. The odour is caused by bacteria, which feeds on some of the sweat and oils that’s produced by the apocrine glands that’s in the armpit. And this treatment actually it kills the sweat glands so it reduces the sweat of both eccrine and apocrine glands. It takes away sweat and it takes away the food for the bacteria. And the bacteria that ferment the fat and oils and debris in the armpit actually causes the odour that we have. It’s a really good treatment.

Trish: So it’s basically… Do you still have to use an antiperspirant, or an anti-deodorant once you had it done?

Dr. Eddie Roos: You don’t have to. That’s the nice thing about it, is the fact that it will reduce sweat up to about 90%. That’s even with exercise as well, so there’s no need for you to actually use anything to disguise the body odour or the odour that we can get in your armpits. So it will protect your clothes. It’s great because you’re not going to get any of the white marks or any of the roll-on marks that you have on your clothes. It actually makes your armpits, you know, function more normal, like people who sweat very little.

Trish: How does it actually work? How can a device do that?

Dr. Eddie Roos: The device uses microwave energy, which is the same energy that’s in your microwave that’s in your kitchen. The microwaves will penetrate into the skin and it vibrates dipole molecules, which is basically ionic or electrically-charged molecules that’s in the moisture in the skin. It vibrates that, and then, heats it up. That heat then destroys the sweat glands.

The nice thing about this technology is it’s got a cooling function in the handpiece. It will cool the surface of the skin, so protect that from any damage. And because the microwaves only work on the dipole molecules, which is mostly in water, it doesn’t penetrate any further, and it doesn’t do any heating in the fat, the subcutaneous fat. It works just in that layer of the skin where the sweat glands is located.

Trish: Okay so… But is that bad for you? Aren’t we supposed to have sweat glands? Does it kill them or like…

Dr. Eddie Roos: It permanently destroys the sweat glands that’s in the armpit. Now, sweat is necessary to cool us down, so we will sweat everywhere on the body, also in the armpit. Unfortunately, some people have excessive sweating in the armpits and for them, it is a great treatment because they will not have those dark patches on their clothes just from normal or especially when they’re stressed, they get those dark patches. For them it’s great because they’re not going to get any of that. And we will still sweat from any other areas of the body so if we have to cool down, we will still cool down.

Trish: Ah, okay.

Dr. Eddie Roos: It’s just in that small area where we don’t really need it there.

Trish: All right. Is that the only area of the body that it can treat?

Dr. Eddie Roos: At this stage, yes. The company is doing some research to work on the palms. So they need to change the handpiece or the applicator to be able to do the treatment over there. There is some work done for chest and back areas to treat the area over there. But most people will find that the annoying bit is underarm sweating, having those patches, taking away their confidence, and also limiting what clothes and what colour clothes they can be wearing.

Trish: All right. What about the treatment itself? Most important question, does it hurt?

Dr. Eddie Roos: Yes. If we think about it, we’re applying heat to some tissue, we would think, yes, it would hurt. But we use it with an anaesthetic so it’s the same local anaesthetic that is being used for a liposuction, so it’s a lidocaine mixed with saline, injected into the armpit. And the way that we deliver it, it starts to anaesthetise when we do the next injection. It is uncomfortable, but it is not as uncomfortable as the local anaesthetic injection you get when you’re going to the dentist, or when you have a skin cancer excised. That’s the only bit that’s painful.

Once it’s anaesthetised, the treatment itself is not painful. You may find that when the anaesthetic wears off, which is usually about two to three hours after the treatment, that for the next day, it may be a little bit uncomfortable under the arm, and then, it settles.

Trish: All right. So it would be uncomfortable. Would that be a little bit of burning sensation because it’s heating or …

Dr. Eddie Roos: Yeah, it can be just a bit of heat and just when you move your arm or pull your elbow close to your body, they may feel a little bit of a discomfort, but usually Panadol or Nurofen is enough to take care of that.

Trish: How many days do you reckon before you’re fully…

Dr. Eddie Roos: It’s an amazing treatment because immediately after we’ve done the treatment, there’s no sweat.

Trish: Wow.

Dr. Eddie Roos: So the next day there is absolutely no sweat. Because it will kill some of the sweat glands and the ones that’s not affected or killed by the treatment will be stunned and they will take about two weeks to recover and that’s when you may get like a 10 or 20% of sweat coming back from there but it is absolutely amazing when you see the patients coming back for that first after week after treatment then they say, “I’m dry. I can’t believe it.”

Trish: Wow.

Dr. Eddie Roos: And they’ll have a grey T-shirt on and say, “Look, there’s no …” They lift it up or a shirt that would always have some sweat on there before and they say, “Look, I can wear this again.” It is great.

Trish: Great. It is only one treatment procedure?

Dr. Eddie Roos: Yes. There’s a small percentage of people that may need a second treatment, but with one treatment, you’ll get up to 80% reduction and with two treatments, about 90% reduction.

Trish: Great. ‘Cause I know there are other treatments, I know Anti-wrinkle injections, but you’ve got to have done every few months.

Dr. Eddie Roos: The problem with Anti-wrinkle injections is that it lasts for about eight months. Cost-wise, for the cost of five… Depending on how much people charge and how much Anti-wrinkle injections is being used, anything from three to six Anti-wrinkle injections treatments will pay for the treatment for the miraDry treatment.

Trish: And then it’s permanent.

Dr. Eddie Roos: And it’s permanent. You don’t need to have to do it again.

Trish: Permanent, even after five years, 10 years, it’s a one-off treatment, that’s it.

Dr. Eddie Roos: It’s a one-off treatment.

Trish: Wow.

Dr. Eddie Roos: If the sweat glands is destroyed, they are destroyed. You do not form new sweat glands. If you were sort of having a look and if you think how much people spend on deodorant and antiperspirants, you would think … and there’s no need for you to use any of those products afterwards. You’re not going to stain your clothes, you’re not going to destroy your clothes. You would think that it would be between 10 years and maybe 14 years of cost for antiperspirant and would actually pay for your machine, depending on what you use and how often you use, it might even be less. It might even be four years.

Trish: I really hate using antiperspirant because it’s all about what are you putting under your arms. It’s got aluminium. This will alleviate that need as well.

Dr. Eddie Roos: Aw, yeah … You can be natural.

Trish: Yeah, exactly.

Dr. Eddie Roos: You can be organic after we’ve fried the underarm with the microwaves.

But after that, you don’t have to put anything that you don’t want to put under your arms. And you think about all the sprays. It’s got all the bad thing that destroys the ozone layer and all of that. You can actually … it’s better.

I just travelled overseas and I have lost another spray can at one of these security checkpoints because it was too big. I think how many have I lost when I do that because you forget about thing that’s in your carry-on bag.

Trish: The aerosol.

Dr. Eddie Roos: So you never have to worry about anything like that because you just travel without that. So it’s actually easier and it makes your life simpler as well.

Trish: Yeah, it sounds liberating especially … I thank goodness that I don’t actually have that problem but I know a lot of people that do so this sounds like the perfect solution.

Dr. Eddie Roos: It is. And actually if you really think about it, for young people who want to have more confidence, who doesn’t like the smelly underarms, it is a great treatment because if you do it when your young, you never have to buy deodorant or antiperspirant in your life after that which will be a huge saving for you if you actually take the lifetime cost that we spend on those products.

Trish: Yeah.

Dr. Eddie Roos: It is … I think it is a liberating treatment and it’s one of the three treatments in my practise that I really, really get very excited about.

Trish: Ah, that’s awesome. Well thank you so much for your time today. I love the idea of miraDry. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who suffers from … who’s stinky or suffers from really sweaty armpits.

Dr. Eddie Roos: Yes. Absolutely.

Trish: Perfect.

Dr. Eddie Roos: Thanks for the opportunity.

Trish: One more question. How long does the procedure take?

Dr. Eddie Roos: Aw, okay. So we … it’s about an hour. It used to be a bit longer with the previous protocols that we followed but we’ve just had an upgrade in our machine and we now follow a different protocol. So it makes the anaesthetising of the armpit better, quicker, and also the applicator … the time that it’s doing the treatment is about … it’s reduced about 30%. So it should now be definitely an hour and a half.

You walk in, you walk out and you won’t be sweating for a week after that and you might have a 10% return of what you’ve had before. But a 90% improvement.

Trish: Alright. So one hour, that’s for both arms?

Dr. Eddie Roos: Both arms, yeah.

Trish: Awesome. Easy. Easy peasy. One hour. Only have to do it once and you’re going to stop sweat for the rest of your life.

Dr. Eddie Roos: Yes.

Trish: Yup. Do it while you’re young people.

Well alright, thank you so much for your time.

Dr. Eddie Roos: Thanks. Appreciate you for having me.

Trish: Pleasure.

So if you would like to see Dr. Roos, you can see him, as I said in Toowoomba at the Cosmetic Elegance Centre, or otherwise if you want to find a practitioner elsewhere in Australia, just drop us an email to

Thank you so much.

Dr. Eddie Roos: Thanks, Trish.

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