Plastic Surgery Hub: We are here today with Ies Korswagen and he’s from Sinclair Pharma, and we are just going to have a chat about Silhouette Soft Threads which has just been released in the market. Thank you for taking time to talk to us today. So can you just tell us something about Silhouette Soft, what makes them different to the traditional kind of threads?

Sinclair Pharma: Yes, good question because the market today is ready for threads and there are lots of attention for threads nowadays. But where are we different? We are mainly different because of the materials that we use and of the technology of our bi-directional thread. We work with cones which grasp the tissue 360°, and that’s why we are different from most of the threads where they work with barbs which are an aggressive method. Or, there are lots of threads without any grasping effect material but are just for the volume. And those are called PDO threads. They only give volume for 2 to 3 months and the product is reabsorbed and leaves the body. We have a thread with cones that works in a bi-directional way where by you can create a volume repositioning for example in the mid face, or if you use the 2 legs of the thread in one direction you can get stretching of the skin. That is where we are different from most of our competitors.

Plastic Surgery Hub: Ok, so it’s perfect for someone who just wants a little bit of lift. Doesn’t want a facelift, just want a little bit of lift or a bit of volume around the mid to lower face.

Sinclair Pharma: Especially the lower part of the face. There are lots of alternatives for surgery. And many patients don’t want a surgery. And then this is a definitely a solution whereby you can postpone surgery and see how the product is doing in your face.

Plastic Surgery Hub: Ok. and, does it produce collagen?

Sinclair Pharma: That is the good thing of Silhouette Soft it’s a polylactic acid material, it is fully dissolvable so in time it leaves the body completely but the funny thing is the whole thread with the cones will be completely encapsulated by the patient’s own collagen. And that collagen gives the secondary effect, and the secondary lifting effect. So when patients leave after the treatment they see an immediate effect because of the cones and the direction of the threads. But the best result you will see they will notice at around 3 or 4 months because of the after effects of collagen.

Plastic Surgery Hub: So it is not like the ‘old’ traditional thread which is just one thread, it’s got little cones? Ok. And how long is the procedure, how long does it take?

Sinclair Pharma: Procedure takes normally between 20 to 30 minutes. It’s a very easy, or easy is a big word for a medical procedure, but it’s relatively an easy procedure that takes 20-30 mins. On an outpatient basis you have a little bit of anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and normally patients can go back to work the next day, with little or no downtime, comparable with injectables more or less.

Plastic Surgery Hub: Ok, alright. And the other question I want to ask you is how like, can someone actually come and have a treatment in the morning and then possibly go out the next day?

Sinclair Pharma: Yeah, definitely. Patients are back at work or back in their normal life the next day. That’s for sure.

Plastic Surgery Hub: There’s no downtime.

Sinclair Pharma: There is no downtime, or an afternoon or a few hours. Well, the good thing of Silhouette Threads is that you can make great combinations even with fillers. But you can also combine it with laser of radio frequency procedures.

Plastic Surgery Hub: No contraindications?

Sinclair Pharma: No contraindications, they’re exactly the same as with dermal fillers.

Plastic Surgery Hub: Yeah, ok great. So for example it’s like if they’re just having injectables?

Sinclair Pharma: It is exactly the same. With the contraindications are exactly the same as with injectables.

Plastic Surgery Hub: Alright. Well I just watched the procedure being done, it took 20 to 25 mins. and she was not in any pain whatsoever, and she looks great.

Sinclair Pharma: Well that is a nice thing the results show immediately. It’s a very rewarding procedure.

Plastic Surgery Hub: Yeah I might have to book myself in for a procedure. Alright, thank you so much.

So if you’re looking for a practitioner who does Silhouette Soft Threads just drop us a line at Thank you.


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