Up until now, thread lifts have received mixed reviews, and results. However, taking the non-invasive cosmetic world by storm is this revamped technique that is exciting patients due to the instant and noticeable results.

As we age so does our skin, and as we all know trying to hold off the sagging or drooping of our skin is one of the desires of women (and men!) everywhere. Not all of us want to undergo the knife though, and sometimes fillers and injectables are just not enough on their own or don’t appeal for one reason or another. This is where thread lifts are finding their niche in the market.

The new generation threads are a product of Silhouette Soft, who have created absorbable bidirectional anchor cones and threads meaning you no longer have to have them removed further down the track as you did with other types of threads, making the procedure a more attractive option for those wanting a lift but who are not ready for a full facelift. Concerns regarding the “barbs” that were previously used in thread lifting and were known for causing pain and discomfort are no longer relevant with Silhouette Soft.

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Silhouette Soft threads are made of polylactic acid (PLA). Used in the medical field for years, this thread is completely biodegradable. These threads are placed approximately 3mm to 5mm under the skin via a fine needle (no incisions necessary) and are held in place by cone shaped “anchors” that hold and lift the thread in order to allow the skin to be tightened according to the required lift. The tissue under the skin is compressed and elevated and produces visibly smoother skin and can also assist to increase volume in saggy areas resulting in better shape and form.

A thread lift can be used in conjunction with fillers and injectables in order to provide a full face approach however it is also popular as a stand-alone option due to being a less expensive and less permanent option than a full face lift. The threads provide lift results for anywhere between one to three years, and the price makes the procedure even more attractive.

Taking only 30 minutes, this procedure has no downtime and any adverse affects such as swelling or redness disappear within a couple of days. The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic and is virtually painless.

The thread lift procedure is definitely making a comeback due to Silhouette Soft’s innovative new technology. Awarded the Anti-Ageing and Beauty Trophy for Best Skin Tightening Device at 2014 Anti-Ageing Medicine European Congress (AMEC) in Paris, these awards recognise the best innovative products and technologies in the industry judged by a panel of physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, biologists and journalists.

If you would like more information on Silhouette Soft click here.


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