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Dr Michael Rich, ENRICH Dermatology

Summer has arrived. The hot weather is here and most of us are remembering what it’s like to go through an Australian summer where sweating is a part of everyday life. Spare a thought for those who sweat more than the average person! The awesome news is that there is a treatment to help combat sweating, in fact, it can even take it away altogether… you need never sweat again! Sounds too good to be true! But it is… ENRICH Dermatology and Cosmetic Clinic in Armadale VIC are getting some amazing results with Miradry, a treatment specifically designed to greatly reduce, or in some cases, stop you sweating. We asked DR Michael Rich from ENRICH why this treatment is so effective and who it suitable for.


To start with, the medical term for someone who sweats excessively is hyperhidrosis. It can be a huge problem with sufferers, causing embarrassment, frustration (imagine having to change your shirt every few hours), smelling and social anxiety (imagine having to explain a dripping face to a first date over a candlelit dinner?). Dr Rich from ENRICH agrees. “It can be an embarrassing problem, impacting self-esteem, clothing choices and social activities. Regular deodorant doesn’t offer any relief, with people resorting to absorptive pads to soak up excess sweat and choosing dark clothes to hide sweat marks.”

Then, there are those that just hate to sweat. They may not have hyperhidrosis, but they just hate sweating. In this day and age if we have a choice to not do something that we hate doing, why not choose to not do it!

Suitable for Anyone

For those that suffer hyperhidrosis, the miraDry treatment will be a huge relief. For those that just hate sweating, it is also an exciting treatment. So what is Miradry and how does it work?

miraDry is a non-invasive treatment that uses microwave energy to heat and destroy the sweat glands. Once sweat glands are destroyed, they don’t regenerate so this is a permanent solution. In clinical studies, miraDry showed a reduction in sweat on the patients up to 82%. Two sessions, three months apart is the recommended series of treatments and it is an outpatient procedure with very little downtime. Each treatment lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the area being treated.

Up until now, Anti-wrinkle injections injections were the preferred treatment to combat sweating, but these are required to be administered every six months to remain effective. miraDry is offering a much more permanent and effective solution.

Dr Rich says their patients so far are absolutely amazed even after their first treatment with miraDry. He says, “We are so excited to be offering this breakthrough treatment for a condition that was previously difficult to treat, or at least treat permanently. It is an easy treatment for lifelong effects, and is life-changing for many patients.”

If you’d like more information on this exciting treatment, contact ENRICH Dermatology and Cosmetic Clinic on (03) 9500 9500. To read more about ENRICH Clinic or miraDry check out the blogs below:

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Dr Michael Rich from the ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne


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