Trish: Well I’m here today with Brad from Dermocosmetica. And we’re gonna have a talk about this new range of skincare products that’s on the market, which is based on stem cells.

Brad: It is.

Trish: And it’s called-

Brad: Tensage.

Trish: Tensage?

Brad: So it’s from Biopelle and it’s Tensage stem cell, yeah.

Trish: So tell us about it. I’m really excited by it, by the way.

Brad: Well we’re really excited too, Trish, because, look. Previous to now, in the industry, there’s been ingredients out there with either the word stem or cell in the title of the ingredient. A little while ago, there was Swiss apple stem cell. And the industry went crazy for this ingredient, but it was simply an antioxidant. Now antioxidants are very important of course, but it was a bit misleading. It led consumers to believe that it acted upon on stem cells, but it didn’t. In fact, no ingredient technology currently to date acted upon stem cells. Yeah they were either growth factors, antioxidants, or peptides. All had their place; all very important in a modern skin regime, but none of them acted upon stem cells, until now.

Trish: Great.

Brad: So Biopelle has launched a brand new ingredient technology, never seen before. We can actually activate migration and differentiation of skin stem cells now. So this is the first ingredient technology of its kind; it’s created a brand new ingredient classification; it’s a stem cell activator. There’s copious amounts of clinical papers published on this now, and just recently, we had Dr. Hamerson Durum from the States, she’s one of the world’s foremost cosmetic dermatologists, and she was here for us doing a series of road shows, dinner events, where she presented this technology. And here’s a little paper, which she published in the American Journal of Drugs in Dermatology just last month, about this ingredient technology.

Trish: So it’s got the research behind it.

Brad: It most certainly has. Copious amounts of clinical data behind this product.

Trish: So what’s in the range?

Brad: So it’s really simple. We have … So this is the face. So it’s Tensile stem cell cream for the face, neck, and decolletage. We could apply that twice daily. And then we have the eye product here, which is also-

Trish: I love an eye product.

Brad: We love an eye product, which is great for your puffiness and your dark circles, as well as your fine lines and wrinkles of course. Now just to get you excited about this even more, Trish, is some data on this. So collagen … With this particular cream, when we use this cream twice daily, the clinical results over a three-month period, 12 weeks, which is standard time for clinical papers, is collagen is up 118%, epidermal turnover is over 73-odd percent, epidermal thickness is up about 24%. And look, previous to this, elastin remained really difficult to influence.

Trish: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Brad: We can have RF treatments, needling with RF treatments til the cows come home. But it’s really slow for us to tighten, yeah?

Trish: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Brad: But, in fact, with this product, elastin is up 50%.

Trish: Yeah, right.

Brad: So that’s crazy increases in elastin. So that’s with the stem cell cream. But what we’re finding is, what’s the best, the crème de la crème of regime, is a synergy between growth factors and stem cells.

Trish: Okay.

Brad: So, we’re talking about intrinsic ageing and extrinsic ageing, and we’re coordinating the product with the influences of ultraviolet radiation during the day with free radical generation, with epidermal thickening, with an increase in elastase and collagenase during the day, all from ultraviolet radiation. Now our growth factor from Tensage, our 15% daily serum, counteracts those effects.

Trish: Okay.

Brad: So it increases collagen, it helps with reduction in solar elastosis, and also an increase in glycoproteins, and hyaluronic acid.

Trish: So basically, just to bring it back to the everyday. So basically what it’s gonna do, it’s going to regenerate your skin based on stem cell technology.

Brad: Yeah. So the three R’s, we’re talking replenish, restore, and rebuild.

Trish: Okay.

Brad: Yeah, at night, with the stem cell. So this is taking care of our intrinsic ageing, while the growth factor is taking care of our extrinsic ageing.

Trish: Okay.

Brad: We use the growth factors during the day, and the stem cells at night, and you kind of get the whole.

Trish: And so, is that the whole range, the three items?

Brad: No.

Trish: Okay.

Brad: Biopelle, there’s a whole range-

Trish: Got a cleanser.

Brad: We’ve got the cleansers, we’ve got the Retriderm, which I’ll just grab here from the front. That’s not the Retriderm-

Trish: (laughing)

Brad: The Retriderm here, which is an exemplary retinol formulation, okay? This was published in the American Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, this particular formulation. The results were that 1% Retriderm surpassed that of Stevea at 0.025 retinoic acid, without the excessive dryness, without the redness, without the photosensitivity. So it’s an amazing, very well-tolerated vitamin A preparation. And then we’ve got [inaudible 00:05:57] acid here, for vitamin C during the day. We’ve also got some niacinamide. So there’s a few different products in the range.

Trish: Okay, great. So easy to use-

Brad: Very easy to use.

Trish: Gonna have a great result-

Brad: Fantastic result.

Trish: Alright, awesome. And we all know that no matter what you have done, your skin is probably the most important thing with looking young, isn’t it?

Brad: Absolutely.

Trish: Is having good skin.

Brad: Absolutely.

Trish: Totally.

Brad: It’s all about maintaining that youthful complexion thing.

Trish: Yeah. Totally.

Brad: Looking younger for longer.

Trish: Of course, which is what we all want.

Brad: With Biopelle and Dermocosmetica

Trish: So look, if you want to get some of the range, just drop us an email to, and we’ll put you in touch with a practitioner who actually stocks this range, and you can go and have a bit of a free consultation. So thanks so much, Brad.

Brad: Thanks very much, Trish.

Trish: Thanks.


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