Dr Damian Marucci

Dr Damian Marucci

Dr Damian Marucci, Cosmetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon from Kogarah in NSW, has travelled and worked in various countries around the world and says you should consider travelling to a Plastic Surgeon if it’s because of the skill but if you are only doing it to save money you are putting yourself at risk.

Think Twice

Dr Marucci says to think twice before travelling overseas for a cosmetic surgery ‘holiday’ as it is putting your health in the hands of your travel agent.

According to Dr Marucci, it is important to know that all surgery carries risk – no matter where it is performed. However, these risks are absolutely increased in countries where medical and health regulations are not as stringent as in Australia.

Safety First

There is an increased chance of infection in tropical environments, plus some of the products used haven’t gone through the same rigorous approval process as Australia’s. Dr Marucci says, “The decision to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery is a major one and you want to make sure that you have a plastic surgeon who is well trained, experienced and ethical. You have to be sure where you are having the surgery is also of the highest standards to maintain a level of safety that is essential for quality results and outcome.”

There are several reasons why you might want to reconsider travelling overseas for plastic surgery. We hear horror stories all the time of patient experiences where it’s all gone wrong, including: a different surgeon to what you had been promised performing your surgery; second rate implants being put in the wrong place; completely different procedures being performed to what was planned; non-existent follow up care; just to name a few. In recent years there have been several deaths of patients who have travelled away from home for plastic surgery, and their family have been left to bring their bodies home… all in the name of beauty and saving some money by travelling away from home for their procedure.

Dr Marucci has volunteered and worked on surgical missions to various developing countries to perform plastic surgery with Interplast, including recent trips to Samoa and the Philippines. He is aware of the dangers of travelling to countries where cheaper procedures are offered and warns that the quality of surgery and care you receive may be compromised.

Having your surgery in Australia by a qualified Plastic Surgeon ensures you are at least giving yourself the best chance possible to have a better patient experience, including the essential follow up care that you need in the hours, days, weeks and even months following the surgery. Dr Marucci is a renowned Australian surgeon, and indeed has people travelling to him from all over the country for his expertise. If you are considering travelling for your surgery, consider travelling within Australia to find the best surgeon for you. You’ll save money on complications in the long run.


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