Cutera have recently launched TruSculpt ID – the next generation body sculpting. TruSculpt ID is a radiofrequency (RF) device able to customise treatments invididually for each and every patient making sure that you get the results YOU want. I caught up with Dr Ashish Bhatia from Chicago to tell us all about it. I can’t wait to get this treatment!

Trish: Hello everyone, so I’m here today with Dr. Ashish Bhatia, who is actually from Chicago, and today I’m pretty excited, as I’m always excited, but today I’m excited because we’re going to talk about the TruSculpt ID, which is just about to be released in Australia. So welcome, thank you so much for joining us.

Ashish Bhatia: Thanks for having me.

Trish: I love chatting with you.

Ashish Bhatia: Oh, always fun.

Trish: So tell us, what is the TruSculpt ID?

Ashish Bhatia: Yeah, the TruSculpt ID is really the next generation of body sculpting from a company called Cutera, and it’s really revolutionary because what it does is it helps sculpts the body, and specifically the fat, right, the areas of fat. The way it works, it uses radiofrequency energy, RF energy, to actually heat the fat and really induce what’s called apoptosis, which means that the fat cells actually go away, they die. When you do that, you can actually reduce the volume of fat in targeted areas.

The cool thing about it is, this is the fourth generation of this device, and the company and the engineers have been perfecting it for such a long time, and now with this new technology, you can really … They call it ID because you can customise it for everybody else, personal ID, because everybody’s got different problem areas, and one size doesn’t fit all. So you can actually take these applicators and put them anywhere you want in the treatment area, and really target some of these problem areas. The other cool thing about it is it’s hand-free operation So you apply these … You put a little belt on, and then the treatment goes, and the patients are very comfortable.

Trish: So how big’s the area of the actual device would cover?

Ashish Bhatia: It’s about that big, so about 40 square centimetres is each end piece, and you have six of these play with. You put them whenever you like in the person’s problem areas, and let it go. The treatment only takes 15 minutes.

Trish: Wow. And because I’ve been looking at a lot of body contouring reviews, because there’s so much out there, and all the things that don’t work and people not happy with the… I’ve actually read some really good statements from people about this. So is there a percentage of fat that disappears, you know as a general … Is there a general percentage that you say, “Well this is what you can expect?”

Ashish Bhatia: Yeah, so we did the studies on this device and really the prototypes of this device as well and what we’re able to show with this two megahertz radiofrequency, you actually can deliver heat down and in the volume of fat that’s being treated, you end up reducing that volume by about 23 to 24 percent.

Trish: Okay.

Ashish Bhatia: So it’s a pretty significant amount of fat reduction. So that’s what you do and you target it right at the problem areas, whether it be the love handles, or the upper abdomen, lower abdomen.

Trish: Okay. Is it a one treatment thing or is it something that you have to come and have a few treatments of?

Ashish Bhatia: You know, it can be whatever a person needs. If they just need a single treatment because they just have some small pockets that aren’t very big, then they’ll get a single treatment. But if they want multiple areas treated or if they want the same areas treated again, that’s available as well.

Trish: Okay.

Ashish Bhatia: Yeah.

Trish: So is there too many treatments that you can have?

Ashish Bhatia: You know, what we-

Trish: And if you’re having more than one, how far apart?

Ashish Bhatia: Yeah, that’s a very good question. You know, we like to wait, usually about up to three months to see the results before we do a second treatment of the same area. Because some people, they see the clinical results fairly quickly, but on average I’d say 60 to 90 days until you see the full effect.

Trish: Okay.

Ashish Bhatia: So I like to just have my patients wait. They’re still free to treat other areas at that time, and a lot of people do choose to do so. As soon as they start seeing the results, they want other areas treated.

Trish: Yeah. Of course, of course.

Ashish Bhatia: So, you know we have to guide them. You have to guide them appropriately, so you’re actually having to be able to give the results that they are expecting.
Trish: Does this shrink the fat cells or does it kill them? Is it going to come back?

Ashish Bhatia: Yeah, the fat cells that you destroy, they never come back. So doesn’t mean if you overeat you’re not going to get other fat cells that will hypertrophy and so you know it’s not a solution for weight loss. None of the fat melting or freezing devices are. We tell people you’re not going to lose weight. You’re really just going to look trimmer in those areas. The way I like to patients about it is that you’re going to look better in your clothes. So especially if you wear fitted clothes, it’s going to contour. We get rid of the muffin tops and all that type of stuff.

Trish: Yeah. Well, because I’ve got this scene at the moment where I feel like I’ve got fat around my back here, and I’ve probably had it forever, but all of the sudden I’m seeing it, and I don’t want to have liposuction because I don’t want the down time and I don’t want to go through such an invasive thing just for that little of vanity at the back, but it sounds like this could actually be perfect. A couple of treatments and then, kind of give me a bit more contouring shape in the back.

Ashish Bhatia: It’s ideal for that, espicially if somebody has small little areas, because-

Trish: Or they’re big areas. Talking about they’re not small, but okay.

Ashish Bhatia: You know, you’re not stuck with a handpiece where you have to try to squeeze the fat into it, you can really customise the treatment for exactly what’s going to make you happy.

Trish: So tell me once again, how many handpieces has it got?

Ashish Bhatia: There’s six on the device.

Trish: And how long?

Ashish Bhatia: 15 minutes to run all of them.

Trish: That’s amazing.

Ashish Bhatia: Yeah, it’s really-

Trish: Can you have more than one treatment done at once?

Ashish Bhatia: Sure, yeah. But you can do one treatment, and then right afterwards move a handpiece and do another treatment.

Trish: So when you leave from a treatment, you’re not going to notice really any different then, are you?

Ashish Bhatia: Not a thing.

Trish: But it will happen over the three months.

Ashish Bhatia: Yeah.

Trish: So if you can combine that three months with looking after what you eat, make sure you drink enough water, you’re going to get better results, aren’t you?

Ashish Bhatia: 100% We always console patients about being on a good diet and exercise programmes. I think they just get better results because if your metabolism is in that state of breaking down more fat cells, then you’d induce this damage to the fat cells and you’re breaking them down even quicker. So people do get better results if they’re on a good diet and exercise programme.

Trish: Awesome. I think something like this is actually really good, because people think … A lot of people, even myself sometimes, think it’s all about vanity and stuff like that, but sometimes something like this are, I believe, can actually be a prerequisite to get you started on, if you need to lose a bit of weight or whatever, this could actually be just the catalyst to get you started on losing a bit of weight. You might think, “Oh well, I’m starting now, might as well go on a diet.” So you go on a diet … You get your treatment done, go on a diet, and you’re going to get better results.

Ashish Bhatia: YOu’re going to get better results and then when you see that fat get reduced, it’s positive reinforcement.

Trish: Exactly.

Ashish Bhatia: It keeps you on the diet and exercise programme. So I find it gets people into a healthy cycle.

Trish: Yep.

Ashish Bhatia: As long as they can maintain that, that’s essential.

Trish: Yeah, totally.

Ashish Bhatia: So, yeah. I think this is something that’s really nice and something simple that you can do in your practise, and anybody can do it in their practise because it’s really easy to do, and patients are comfortable, and it gets good results.

Trish: Yeah. As a patient having it done, it doesn’t hurt. Doesn’t hurt?

Ashish Bhatia: No, it feels like a hot stone massage is what I tell people.

Trish: I can deal with a hot stone massage. Doesn’t hurt, 15 minutes, 6 applicators, you don’t even have to have anyone in there. It sounds like a win-win to me.

Ashish Bhatia: Yeah.

Trish: Awesome. Well thank you so much for that.

Ashish Bhatia: It’s my pleasure.

Trish: Oh, great. So if you want to find out someone who does this in Australia, because it is brand new, just drop me an email to, and I will hunt one down for you. Thank you so much.

Ashish Bhatia: Thanks for having me.


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