Pre-Wedding PrepWeddings. What a loaded word. Growing up you dream of the beauty, elegance, and joy that this day will bring. Unfortunately, what comes with that is the added stress of the planning, dealing with in-laws, seating selection, food prep, and on and on and on. With so much to worry about and so much to plan, at the end of the day all you really want is the perfect day with less pre-wedding stress.

Less Means More

What if you could take away many of the major pre-weddings stressors? Many brides spend hours on makeup, dental work, hair style, wardrobe, etc. What if there was a service that could help you look your best and decrease the stress, leaving you more free time to focus on the important things. In essence, what if you had others who could do the important work for you?

The Whole Package

Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary, under the care of Dr Rohit Kumar, provides you with an all-inclusive package to get you wedding day ready. In his own words Dr Kumar believes that beauty services “merely enhance features to display the beauty that was always present.” Known for his warm and inviting manner, Dr Kumar and his extensive and highly trained staff are ready to prep you so you are looking your best on your wedding day.

Pre-Wedding PrepWith the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary’s ultimate Medispa Wedding Package you will receive everything you need and more to prep. The package includes:

  • A complete bridal workshop covering topics such as deportment, voice coaching, photography, and table etiquette;
  • One on one with internationally recognised stylist Zarife Hardy;
  • Checkup and teeth whitening with dentist Dr Nidhi Berera;
  • Discounts on anti-wrinkle injections and fillers for your entire wedding party;
  • A 3D Vectra Skin analysis and a medi-facial or skin peel with a dermal therapist.

We suggest you may wish to check out Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary’s diary blog on what to check off in the months before your wedding. They have a great timeline referring to what treatments (hair, skin, teeth, Coolsculpting, etc.!) are best at what points before the big day so you can be organised and feel more under control that you’re going to be perfect!

Why wait?

Decrease that pre-wedding stress. Make sure that when you stand at the altar on your big day you are looking your absolute best. You have so much to worry about already, let the Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary handle the rest. Contact the office at 1300 26 77 26 or visit the website at

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