The enjoyment of a healthy sex life is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The experience of true intimacy is something that should be enjoyed to the fullest, for both men and women.

But what if a woman has physical issues that affect her pleasure while being intimate with a man? This can be for many reasons, though the most common reason is vaginal laxity as a result of a natural, vaginal birth. The good news is, this topic is no longer taboo and the even better news is – there is now a clinically proven and safe treatment that really works.

Treat vaginal laxity in just one treatment!

This exciting new treatment now available for women is Geneveve by Viveve – a clinically proven, single-session treatment that is both safe and comfortable. A ground-breaking new treatment that naturally revitalises and rebuilds vaginal tissue, Geneveve by Viveve is an effective solution to restore sensation and improve sexual satisfaction – and it works!

While there are many other treatments that claim to work, they are often unproven. Another option involves radical surgery that is now unnecessary, given that the Geneveve by Viveve treatment is now available.

So how do you know if this is something for you? Firstly, talk to your medical professional. One of the more common experiences is that you may also have noticed a decrease in physical sensation during intimacy. This is incredibly common in women, especially after a vaginal birth.

In a recent survey of more than four hundred women in the U.S. who had vaginal deliveries, almost half of the women reported some level of concern with vaginal laxity. Just like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibres and over time, this tissue can lose its strength and shape, creating a feeling of laxity or looseness, especially around the vaginal opening.

Working at a cellular level

Geneveve by Viveve works at the cellular level to restore and to rebuild collagen without harming the vaginal opening. It is a comfortable, 30-minute treatment that does not require local or topical anaesthesia or pain treatment. The procedure is performed by a trained healthcare professional in an outpatient setting.

The Geneveve by Viveve treatment uses gentle, deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s natural collagen formation process, this then naturally revitalises and tightens the vaginal tissue just inside the vaginal opening. Because the surface of the vaginal walls is not injured, patients typically return to normal activities immediately.

In a series of scientifically rigorous, supervised trials, significant and sustained results were found after undergoing a single treatment with Geneveve by Viveve. There is finally a minimally invasive, safe and effective treatment that can improve the experience of intimacy, confidence and wellbeing.

If you’d like more information about where to find a practitioner who offers the Geneveve by Viveve flick us an email at [email protected].

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