Understanding how a plastic surgery procedure is done and the risks involved is a really important part of your research. With the advent of the internet, information is readily available and easily accessible so there is just no excuse for not doing it anymore. However, finding relevant and correct information can be a little harder to find. That’s why here at the Hub we try to connect you with good surgeons and quality information.

Dr Justin Perron

Dr Justin Perron

Downloadable Guides

Dr Justin Perron from the Form and Function Clinic in Brisbane, QLD has just made it a little easier to find great information. While we already loved his website… easy to navigate, informative and comprehensive, Dr Perron has made available some downloadable guides for three primary cosmetic procedures – Brachioplasty, Body Lift, and Breast Augmentation. These guides will orient you about all associated aspects of the surgical procedure including the recovery process and home care techniques.

Before we meet with any surgeon, most of us want to feel like we’ve done a bit of homework and know what we want and what to expect. Tools such as these guides are a perfect way to understand the process, and indeed any surgeon who has taken the time to help his patients to do this obviously has his patients best interests at heart.

Although such information is extremely valuable and helpful, having a personal consultation with your selected surgeon and clinic remain an essential part of the research process. This is when the surgeon personally assesses your specific case and you can really start planning for your surgery.

Understanding all aspects of a procedure and the preparation you do beforehand, and indeed for your recovery, will make all the difference not just to your experience but to your outcome and results of the procedure as well. A good place to start getting prepared is by downloading and reading Dr Perron’s guides. Get informed!

If you’d like more information on Dr Justin Perron or the Form and Function Clinic check out the blogs below, or give them a call on 07 3010 3300 to arrange a consultation. Click here to download his informative guides.

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