Belkyra, Ultraformer, CoolSculpt Mini, Lipo…There are so many options for a double chin, and as we’ve heard in our online communities, some of you have been underwhelmed by results for certain options, so we decided to investigate the pros and cons of each one with the help of Cosmetic Doctor Garry Cussell who performs all of these treatments in his clinic. Weighing the options for double chin treatments.

The result you’ll get from each treatment will depend on the type of neck and chin that you have, Dr Cussell says. He explains that there are three groups of chins. “First, there is the petite neck with thinner skin, and these patients are usually concerned with lines and creping tissues. Second and most commonly, the skin on the neck is thinner than the skin on the face and there is a small double chin with some fat. With the third type, the neck is somewhat thicker and there is fat near the front, closer to the chin.”


As we know, Belkyra is an injectable treatment that contains a fat melting agent. It usually requires 4-6 treatments, one month apart, and there can be discomfort and swelling for 5-7 days after each treatment as the fat is breaking down.

Double Chin Treatments

Dr Garry Cussell from Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia with a patient

To get a good result with this treatment, Dr Cussell says that you have to have the right candidate. “There can be an accumulation of fat here,” he says as he puts his hand to the centre spot underneath his chin. “This is known as the submental area. Some patients also have lateral fat at the sides. Now, Belkyra can only be used for the submental region.” He says that it is not safe for lateral fat at the sides.

Some patients also have loose skin that they mistake for fat, Dr Cussell says, and Belkyra doesn’t do anything to make the skin tighter.

The best candidate for this treatment would have some submental fat, but no lateral fat under the chin. For lateral fat, medium to larger amounts of fat, or loose skin, Dr Cussell recommends alternative treatments.


Ultraformer is a fabulous non-surgical skin tightening treatment, but what you may not know is that it also has settings for fat reduction.

Ultraformer enables your provider to control how deeply the ultrasound energy penetrates your skin, Dr Cussell explains. When set to the deepest settings, it targets subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat beneath your skin). The Ultrasound energy essentially zaps the fat cells and your body removes them naturally. “Results will appear gradually over the following 4 weeks,” Dr Cussell says.

The main benefit of this treatment is that it can tighten the skin while it zaps fat. It can also treat lateral fat on the sides of the neck and chin, so you get a more well-rounded treatment.

double chin treatments


CoolSculpting works in a similar way to Ultraformer, but instead of using Ultrasound heat to zap the fat cells, it uses cooling technology to freeze them. Once frozen, your body then removes the fat cells naturally. It has differently sized applicators for the chin and the body.

Dr Cussell tells us that, like Belkyra, CoolSculpting can work well for the submental fat in the centre area beneath the chin, but it cannot treat fat on the sides, nor can it tighten the skin, so again, it’s a good option for someone who has some submental fat but not excess skin.

How do you know if you have excess skin? “Sometimes, you can pinch the area and you don’t feel any fat inside, it’s just excess skin that has become lax,” Dr Cussell says. So, you can have the appearance of a double chin that’s just skin, no fat. This is why it’s sometimes best to have a consultation before setting your heart on a particular treatment!


If you have a larger amount of fat, you may get the best result from a lipo treatment. The good news is that the chin has less fat than other parts of the body, so the procedure is a bit easier on the patient.

LipoScultpure, also known as Tumescent Liposuction, can be done with a local anaesthetic. Dr Cussell explains that the cannulas used for LipoScultpure are much smaller than with traditional liposuction, so it’s basically a walk-in walk-out procedure.

The doctor also performs sculpting to help produce some skin tightening while removing the fat. Two in one, not bad!


Our main takeaway from speaking to Dr Cussell is that each treatment might work differently for each patient. So much depends on where your double chin sits and how tight the skin might be around your chin and neck.

Don’t be afraid to seek a consultation or ask our Facebook community!

For a free consultation and double chin assessment with Dr Cussell, visit Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia’s website!

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