Dr Noela Ferch, based at Pure Aesthetics in Sydney City, is an artist. She has always been creative, and besides her passion for silversmithing and jewellery making she is an extremely capable and well-respected anaesthetist and cosmetic injector. With over 20 years of specialist study, training, and industry experience behind her, Noela has a special interest in obstetric anaesthesia and anaesthesia for plastic surgery; and has in the last few years expanded this to include facial rejuvenation – a natural progression as it also involves skill, artistry, and precision with needles and other tools of the trade!

We wanted to find out more about this creative and busy lady!

PSH: Dr Ferch, how did you transition from anaesthetist to having a passion for facial rejuvenation?

Dr Noela Ferch: I’ve always had an interest in the aesthetic side of things. And so I trained to do cosmetic injections in addition to continuing my anaesthetic practice.

PSH: Do you think anaesthetists are fully recognised by patients for their importance in the success of a plastic surgery procedure? Following on from this, why are anaesthetists so important!?

Dr Noela Ferch: Anaesthetists look after your vital functions and keep you unconscious during the operation. However, the actual success of the operation depends on the surgeon.

PSH: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Dr Noela Ferch: Making people feel better and more confident about themselves.

What do you think is the difference between a great facial rejuvenation and a second rate one? Is it truly the skill of the practitioner that can make all the difference, or do all technologies and devices give the same result?

Dr Noela Ferch: Use the best products possible, listen to the clients’ wishes, discuss what’s possible, and aim for a natural result. Sometimes this takes several treatments over a period of time.

Do you work together with Dr Steven Merten as a Plastic Surgeon to suggest to patients a combination of both Plastic Surgery and/or non-surgical enhancements in order to best suit their desired outcomes?

Dr Noela Ferch: Yes. Everyone is an individual. Surgery and cosmetic injections are just pathways towards a common goal: Looking and feeling better. We educate our clients about the options and their pros and cons.

We’d like to thank Dr Ferch for her time, and if you would like more information about Dr Steven Merten or Pure Aesthetics in Sydney click here, or phone them directly on 02 9252 9262 to arrange for a consult.


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